At Same Sister we are passionate about the reuse of heritage textiles and the positive effects this has on the environment.


We search out amazing vintage and antique fabrics and remake them into a range of bags, aprons and clothing here in the UK. Our strap line sums up our philosophy that a simple life is a worthwhile achievement and all that we make is simple, stylish, well made, functional and practical. We simply want our range to last and fit into your everyday life.


Unique is something we can claim too with much of our range because often we have only enough fabric to make one item. This means that the piece will be only for you and will become part of your life. Everything that we make is totally recyclable in the compost or reusable in new ideas. We are the opposite of fast fashion and all the waste therein.


Explore our website, learn why and how we came to start Same Sister and the range we make here in the UK.